Absolute Love Montana Mag
Happy People Roger Neff
Paris-Tennessee Jérémy Souppart
Green Eart Séverine Fillion
Doin' Me Wrong Chrystel Durand
Cowboy Cry Marie Claude Gyl
Get My Move On Jonno Liberman
Boys In A Band Montana Mag
A Little Bit Lit Rob Fowler
Clear Isabel Flo Moresteps
Big Hearted Me Adrian Helliker
I'm One Of Those D Trepat & J Miguel Belloque
Save Me Tonight Maggie Gallagher
Keep Hanging On Ria Vos
Désirable Chrystel Durand
Things Gary Lafferty
George Strait Séverine Fillion
Boom Boom Bang Jamie Barnfield
Pick You Up Nolwenn Bertin
Débutant +
Sombrero Cha

Dwight Messen 

Drunk Séverine Fillion
Got It Good M Auclair & M Lacasse
Drive M-P Tremblay & G Gagné
Champagne Promise Tina Argyle
Coming Back Down Bruno Morel
1159 Rachel McEnaney-White
Hold The Line Arnaud Marraffa
Friday Micaela Svensson Erlandson
I Got This Denis Henley
Just Me Valérie Del Campo
Keep On Sittin' Christiane Favillier
Every Time It Rain Adrian Chrum
Born To Love Gudrun Schneider & Roy Hoeben
I Won't Back Down Rachael McEnaney-White
The Most Beautiful Girl Niels Poulsen
Locash Marie-Claude Gil
Sombrero Cha Dwight Meessen 
Lonely Drum Darren Mitchell
Bush Party Gudrun Shneider
Dancin' The Dust Tina Argyle
Waiting On You Guy Dubé & Serge Légaré
Roots Tina Argyle
In The Cheap Seats Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Who's Your Farmer Montana Mag
Make A Little Dan Albro
Authority Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner
Smoke & Mirrors Darren Mitchell & S Paterson
LIfe Changes Heather Barton & Suzy Beau
Honky Tonk Highway Kelly Cavallaro 
Hell If I Know Alexis Strong & Gary Samms
Lalali Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner
Secrets  MC Gil
Drinking Problem  Darren Bailey 
Female Ria Vos
Tender Arnaud Marraffa
Stars Stripes And Dirt Darren Bailey
Anthem Guylaine Bourdages
Room To Breathe M-Claude Gil & A Marraffa 
It's Just Me Loving You Alain Christofol
Overrated A Briggs & P Metelnick
Twist & Turn Maddison Glover
Strong Bounds Séverine Fillion & Bruno Moggia
We Are Bound Guy Dubé & Serge Légaré
Found Mathieu Gagné
My Reason R Verdonk, J Camp & Betty Alart
Diamond Dreams Guy Dubé
Southern Thing Rob Fowler & Darren Bailey
Come Bad To Bed Marie-Claude Gil
Honky Donkey Alain Christofol
Tender Heart Saku Tonteri & Jonas Dahlgren 
Hell If I Know Alexis Strong & Gary Samms 
Ouzo & Black  Séverine Fillion 
Secrets MC Gil 
Day Of The Dead  Dan Albro 
I Was Jacked Dan Albro
Sun Set On It Michel Auclair & Denis Henley
I Be U Be Gudrun Schneider
Wonder R Fowler, R Verdonk & S Fillion